Politics Impacting Local Businesses...

State Gov

These people and businesses go about setting things straight, righting the small wrongs, and generally doing good things.

Seeing people who haven't run for anything, voting for regular people who have improved the state in their own, quiet way.

We may not get noticed much, but we all keep plugging away. 

Let the lights go out all over the state...

Telling the Story

What if we helped soon to be released inmates find and keep jobs in the state.

Everyone wants ex-cons to go straight, but they don't always think about concrete ways to make this happen.​​​​​​​

Telling the Story

Helping the homeless people. I don't mean occasionally ladling out food during the holidays, I mean helping homeless folks on a daily basis. Yeah I know, everyone talks about the issue and plenty have worked on it, but what if you were on a single-minded crusade. Helped organized the usual protests, but also spoke eloquently before the local city council and worked with leaders for concrete solutions..​​​​​​​

Now the homeless, unwanted people of the streets, tomorrow maybe people you call a friend.

The way I see it, politics is really about creating a better place for people, making some kind of change, and fixing what's broken!

Invisible People

Give a thanks to those invisible people offstage, the faceless "do gooders" accomplishing things big shot politicians only talk about. And then ask yourself, who really belongs on that stage?​​​​​​​

Invisible People

In the interest of good reporting, here's my experience with politicians: Most care about very little, which makes pleasant chirping and whirring noises to the people.

People 2 People

Homeowners also are effected even when needing Savannah Ga Tree Services​​​​​​​, because we get impacted everywhere, including the Hartsville SC Real Estate​​​​​​​ market.

Some businesses in the real estate industry like property management florence SC​​​​​​​ rental companies​​​​​​​ that manage rental homes, mobile homes, and houses for rent in the Pee Dee area. They also get effected too, by the local government.

Local business is always part of the political seen. Because people view businesses on how polictics impact them and who they support effects who we as the people support the said business. But remember everything seems to be based on how the news tell's the story​​​​​​​ to us. 


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The team

I looked at how the internet has helped amplify the voices of us underfunded "tilting at windmill" political types. We really should be looking at the role of the media and corporations that are helping - or hindering - these same folks and local businesses.

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It's bound to be yet another sinister corporate or politician trick to make fools of us​​​​​​​.  So when they do I'll be ready to talk about it.

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Does it really matter what state?


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Telling the Story